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Is there a way to stop the pain? I want to tell you that there is!

Are you tired for feeling worthless? Unaccepted?

Are you tired of hating yourself?

Are you tired of the numbness?

Do you sometimes feel there is nothing you can do to make things right? You are not alone. Numerous women want the same.

It starts with you having the courage to face your losses, fears, and regrets head on. You don't have to go it alone... Karis Counselling Services is here to help. Find support through the "Unhooked! 7 Steps To Emotional Freedom" program.

We offer our counselling services by telephone, skype, or webcam.

It is time to own your life, and not let your life own you. God wants you to have the best life possible!

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Karis Counselling ServicesAfter-abortion Distress

"If God fogives me then why do I still hate myself?"

MP3 File

Paulette shares her story of healing from post-abortion stress (after abortion distress)

Karis Counselling ServicesCounselling Services

Find healing as Karen counsels you through her, "UnHooked! 7 Steps To Emotional Freedom", program.

Coming soon - Tele-support groups and teleseminars

Karis Counselling ServicesChildhood Sexual
Abuse Survivor

"If it's not my fault then why do I feel so bad?"

MP3 File

Melony talks about her experience of healing from childhood sexual abuse

Karis Counselling ServicesSpiritual Help

"Could God be a source of help?"

Yes He can be.

Karis Counselling ServicesRelational Abuse

"Abuse is more than skin deep. It cuts to the core of a woman’s being"

Presentations & Workshops

Karis Counselling Services is available to speak at conferences, workshops, and meetings. Presentations can be tailored to your needs. Read about our current availabe presentations.

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